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> Isn't averaging 15 mph or so a good pace for a century, particularly given the scenario?

Maybe speed doesn't even matter. After all, riding is something to enjoy _doing_, not something to
get over & done with. After all, that's how we end up turning a 15 minute short-hop into several
hours' worth of adventure, isn't it? :)

To be honest, sometimes I get caught up in thinking about the destination instead of the ride. I
sometimes have to remind myself that by riding, I'm doing what I really want to be doing, instead of
being stuck at work & talking to ppl on the phone, or wearing out my poor feet with order-picking,
or just F'ing The Dog (hi, Fabrizzio <g>)

Then I think back about those times when I wished I _was_ riding, and then realize: here I
am, getting my wish. I'm not going to waste it. It's too easy to take the pleasure of riding
for granted.

But it /is/ a pleasure, and as such needs occasionally to be especially, consciously savoured. I
figure, sometimes the pleasure entails going fast; sometimes, going slower. Whatever one feels like.
But the thought: "Here I am, riding my bike" has helped to preserve whatever's left of my own
sanity. Because the ancilliary thoughts are: "here I am, not getting flak from the landlady", "here
I am, where nobody can bug me", "or here I am, and I can go anywhere from here", afford me much
gladness and appreciation. Getting there is
999/1000's of the fun.

> Nick, IMO, get started cycling, it's a perfect match for your needs.

_Everybody_ needs to cycle. It's therapeutic freedom :)

cheers, Tom

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