Starting Over


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Sep 20, 2009
been riding 25 years now, with never ever missing. only a scheduled few days off year round...raced 20 years but stopped racing these last 5 years, but still train with all my former teammates.. these last 6 months, i been working tons of hours at my job, still trying to get in riding, but finally just ran out of energy.. i do manage 6-7 hours a week, but its inconsistant.. so i'm finally off all the overtime hours.. i imagine i gotta go by the old rule of just get in a lot of miles all late summer/fall/winter, then be ready for super hard training come next spring with a few guys?? never really had to do this before, other than when i first started riding 25 years ago, but do i really need that much tiime on base miles? been riding 6-7 hours a week. i know training has changed a bit over the years, and i read that tons of base miles arnt really needed.. im curious as to how many months of base i need to do before i start riding hard outside or on the trainer.. personally , i like to ride august sept of base then start on 20 minute intervals then slowly get back to those intense 4 minute intervals.. any tips are welcome. i was a cat 2 for a lot of years and i'm 60.. thanks..
The only thing that I will suggest is that you need to get into regular training. Ignore what other people say you should do, as the only thing that you need to be aware of is what is right for you as an individual, as you are the one who is doing the training. Make notes of how you feel when you complete the exercise, and ensure that you're only doing what your body is able to cope with. Then stick to a training schedule and you should find that you are able to build it up. It might help to get a coach, too, as they would be able to observe you and your technique to let you know the things that you could do better. You should find that you manage to get into it quite easily, though!
I am a hobbyist biker, that means I bike for recreation and not for training to be strong with the pedals. But when I would be on vacation from biking, I have some rituals when I start biking again. What I'm afraid of is the torn ligament or the pulled muscle. Those are the ills of unprepared biking (or training). By the way, the swelling in my leg is still around once in a while. That is what's preventing me from indulging in biking again. Hopefully the swelling would be permanently gone soon.