Starting Triathlon - Need To Find Bike For Training (Around $300 if possible)

Fish Helmet

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Nov 5, 2007
Hey guys,

This is my frist post here, but my question involves training for triathlons. I started running a little while ago, and I am doing marathons at the moment. However, I loved biking when I was a kid, and I am also a very good swimmer, so I want to start doing some triathlons. My question is this, I have only around $300 to spend on a new bike to train and practice. If I do well, I don't mind spending a lot more money, but first I need to find out if I like it.

There are a lot of different bikes to choose from, and I would like to find the best quality for the price. Road bikes seem to be more for racing and are supposed to be more comfortable, but I have also found some inexpensive hybrids which are supposed to be good for all round use. Here are a few that I am looking at:

Cadillac AV-H
Trek 7200 or 7300
Schwinn Speedster Flat Bar Road Cycle
Schwinn Volare 700c Road Bike

Keep in mind that I am 6'6" and 220 pounds. If you guys have any recommendations and advice, it would really help me out.



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