Stationary Bike- heart rate question

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Feb 25, 2010
Hello all,

Quick background. I'm an injured college runner trying to get my cross training through stationary bike vs. Road bike. Riding hills or Intervals 2 days a week with a long 3 hour ride on Sunday. However. Unlike running on the stationary, during a 2 min easy 3 mon hard hill session at 90 rp
as heavy a load I can go, I cannot seem to get my hr over 175. What is ideal hr zone for stationary training.

Say I do an hour of the listed workout.

I also have a beloved Orbea! So please don't treat me like a complete foreigner! I've road biked or up to 3 moths straigt during injury before but my bile is back in my hometown.


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Sep 29, 2009
Well 175 is pretty high up there. I do not know your age. But I am pretty sure that you are at about 90+ % of your MHR. So I wouldn't be worried about that. Do you know what your MHR is?

Again the "ideal zone" for workouts vary. It depends on what you want to achieve

60-80% MHR for weight loss/ aerobic conditioning
80%-90% anaerobic conditioning/ LT improvement.

So choose what you want to do and again, it's very imp. to get to know what your MHR is. It's unique to you based on your age and genetics.

Good luck!

Don't fret just ride!