Stationary Bike Seat Uncomfortable, Any Tips?


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Jun 1, 2015
I love using the stationary bike, EXCEPT that the seat on it really hurts to sit on after 15 or 20 minutes. I could pedal forever if I could just sit comfortably. For awhile I sat on different pillows, but then that eventually was more uncomfortable then sitting on the seat itself. Is there any way to change the seat of the bike, or put something over it thats more comfortable? Has anyone else with this problem been successful with something? Should I just get a recumbent bike? I don't know how those compare to upright bikes. What should I do?
Go to a local bike shop, have yourself fitted for a test ride on a comfort bike (the most likely bike type with a riding position similar to the position of a stationary bike). Take a test ride, get an idea for how the seat feels, if it is more comfortable, it could be a number of factors... First, once fitted for a real bike, use the same type of fit adjustments for your stationary bike. That alone will help with SOME discomfort for most people. The other likely candidates are seat angle (ask how to adjust the seat angle while being fitted) which for females generally should be very slightly nose down, whereas for men it can be generally closer to level.
The last option is the saddle itself. Once you have done all these things and it still doesn't fix the problem, get the toolbox out, remove the seat from the seatpost (much easier than it sounds!) and take it into a bike shop, and explain your problem. This is a MUCH more common problem than you might think, and anyone at a good shop will have dealt with dozens, or even HUNDREDS of people with the same issue, so don't feel embarrassed about asking! Anyhow, explain to them what discomfort you feel, and generally where you feel it (center, sides, inside thigh, sit bones... ) and they can make some suggestions as to a worthwhile replacement. Gel pads as recommended above are a decent method of helping, but they generally start to break down or wander after extended use, requiring cleaning/moving/replacing fairly often. So a dedicated saddle better suited to your physical needs is a better idea.
The reason I recommend taking the seat in with you is that there may be a proprietary seatpost clamp on the seat itself, and if so, the shop will need to see it to be sure they can help you out!
Wal-mart and bike shops sell padded seat covers. I have a gel one that works great on my mountain bike. See below for the one I bought.
You put too much waight on the seat try yoo use your legs more than putting your weight on that bike ,,,, the more you try to pedal , you forget about the seat ,and you get tierd faster, forget the seat, try to stand up alittle while you biking
You can find specific cushions for them. They make them with gel pads and other stuff that are rather comfurtable. Try searching them on google and see what you can find.
I would suggest buying a seat cover for your bike that would make it a lot more comfortable. I think you can some for cheap at WalMart.
Buy a saddle and not a small padded sofa similar to the one that you probably have right now.

Saddle + well fitting bike shorts = the win.
Most of the original bike seat is known to be hard and still which makes it annoying and uncomfortable. But one way to reduce the hardness and the stiffness is to use a bike seat cover to address the issue. The seat cover is like a cushion that will be inserted into the bike saddle to make it softer and more comfortable.
Hey there, thanks for bringing up the topic of bike seat comfort! Using a seat cover is indeed a great solution to reduce the hardness and stiffness of the original bike seat. It adds an extra layer of cushioning, making your ride more comfortable. Just make sure to choose a seat cover that fits your saddle properly to avoid any unwanted sliding or discomfort. Keep pedaling and stay comfortable!