Stationary mountain bike survey


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Feb 18, 2019
Hello all! We are a group of mechanical engineering students at the University of Pennsylvania. For our senior design project, we are trying to make a stationary mountain bike rig that accurately simulates the real-life downhill mountain biking experience, with emphasis on up/down pitching and vibration to create the sensation of really going down a hill. Through surveys, we have determined this piece of equipment would be best in a home/private setting. Please fill out our survey (and any previous surveys you'd like to). We would appreciate any feedback! And feel free to give us your opinions by messaging me or responding to this thread.
We are also on the hunt for ride data! If on your next ride, you could record position/velocity/acceleration data of any kind, our team would greatly appreciate it. There are some good apps for smart phones, and the more data we get, the better we can simulate the experience.