Staying Motivated



I thought I liked riding a bike and training, until I read the REST DAY string. It appears that I am the only person on this BB that looks forward to the rest days to have a break from training!

How do you all stay so motivated?
I train with a bunch of ladies...somehow they keep me very motivated ;D
Where do I sign up? ;D ;D

Funny you should ask. A training partner just asked me how I still manage to get up so early and go riding.

I'm determined to ride through winter. When we've finished the ride and I get into my car and head to the gym for a shower, I get to see an awesome sunrise. The feeling of accomplishment always makes my smile to myself and I always think "This is the good life"

No worries about work, about the bills. It's just such an awesome feeling knowing that I'm still bigger than the winter chill. (At the moment) Watch this space as the temp drops a little further though.

If you rode in the JHB area this morning, you would have noticed this. The stars were quite bright, the air was clearer due to the rain and the mist coming up off the road was magnificent. It was dead quiet except for that familiar sound of chains and gears meshing and the hum from the rolling tyres. And even though I had a puncture and got dropped by the bunch, I imagined myself as being Robbie Hunter in Le Tour, having to chase the bunch. (I never did catch them though.) :p :p I'll be out there again tomorrow morning. Can't wait. :D :D :D
That is easy...I just started! :) Maybe it will be more difficult, later. LOL

Hey, I also notice that you guys have the luzury of earl morning group rides and such. That is a nice way to stay motivated. The only group rides we have here start at the bike store and only on Sat mornings. I like the way you described your morning bike Lab_Rat. It is enough to make me consider the 4am ritual. BTW: What time do you go to bed in order to get up that early?
Well you know what they say ... "There is no such thing as a free lunch". I usually get to bed by 9:30ish. Any later and you'll start feeling it on the bike.

It depends on how much sleep you're used to. Problem is, by 8:30 in the evening, you're just about ready for bed. (Although I often go out to play action cricket later (about 9ish) so after the third day, I'll struggle to stay awake beyond 9pm. ie. Monday - Sleep in (Up at 6am). Tuesday, up early and to bed by 9:30. Wednesday - either sleep in or up early. (Depends if I've agreed to do the recovery ride) but always to bed by 9:30 (unless I have action cricket) Thursday - up early and I usually crash at around 9ish. Sleep in Friday. (I usually try to get at least 7 hours sleep a night.
It's much more difficult for me to stay motivated during winter. I go out and cycle on my own, so no cycling buddy to drag me along when I don't feel like it, or it is too cold outside. I try to enter as much races as my budget would allow, so I have to keep fit and that is my motivator for the cold winter days that's sure to follow.
I'm a commuter, so through the week I just think about all the $ it saves me on not needing a car. On weekends I have an enormous variety of rides to choose from. Everything from flat rides next to the ocean to 1,000 metre mountain climbs through world-heritage listed rainforests.

No, motivation is not a problem for me.
Everything from flat rides next to the ocean to 1,000 metre mountain climbs through world-heritage listed rainforests.

No, motivation is not a problem for me.

Some people have it easy :'(
You're welcome to join me. Of course, the only problem is that in winter I don't have home-grown fresh passionfruit to refuel after the ride.
Telephone conversation to coach after day one of 3 day points omnium with a gazillion feet of climbing this weekend

me: "i flatted a tubular, the "neutral" wheel wagon didn't stop, I walked a mile in the middle of nowhere until someone picked me up and DNF'd for the first time ever...and my knees ache...can I come home...PLEASE?"

coach: "no! take ibuprofen, ice your knees, get hydrated, eat and sleep! If you INSIST, ride the course at L2 tomorrow...if you come home all you will do is be upset that your knees are bothering you"

me: "yes sir"

Once in a while the motivation comes from someone else...I stayed and pulled 5th! Proved to myself that YES! you can make a crit rider into a climber :)
Looking at my results halfway through the season...motivation enough!

Oh, the shaved tanned legs don't hurt either!
I was thinking about all the guys I ride with ;)

Funny, most guys here think the cycling tan is silly.
But I suppose I could add a photo...I'll wait until the podium pics from the
state crit champs come in!

Oh, shiney medals and winning cash are 2 other great motivations :)
Congrats, Crankin!

Good to hear that things went well, despite the mess!

I know a little of what you mean about the motivation coming from someone else. It does help.

Also, guilt is a nice healthy motivation. You know, the friend that says, "Fine! I will just go ride alone. <sigh..hand to forehead> It will be boring. And, I hope that I will be safe on my own. <violins playing in the background>...yada..yada."

me: "Geez, if it will shut ya up, I'll go!"

WAY TO GO, CRANKIN! I can't wait to see what happens on your next race!

Keep spinning! :)