Stem Size For Felt Tt Bike


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Jul 9, 2015
I am a 5'2" male riding a 50cm 2008 Felt DA with 650c wheels. I bought the bike used. Im going for a Specialized BG bike fitting soon and want to order an appropriate stem. The bike fits me pretty good but I know the right stem is critical for a proper fit. The bike comes with 80,95, and 110mm stems from the factory. But the owner didn't supply me with the extras. It has the 95mm on it right now. My arms are currently at about 110 degrees when in the tri bars, so I think a shorter stem would be best. There is also a 40mm and 50mm stem available.

The 48cm frame probably would have been more optimal. The top tube on that version is 10mm shorter than mine. So I was thinking a 65mm stem would be a good bet? Or should I get an 80mm? The stems are expensive so I dont want to go buying the whole collection... I just want one that will work for sure.

Also, the bike has a Bayonet SL fork, which is supposedly compatible with the Bayonet 2 & 3 fork stems. Only problem is there are 2 versions of these stems: The 26.0mm and 31.8mm diameter (which im assuming is for the handlebar diameter). The bike has the factory Zipp Vuka Aero bars. Which diameter and stem length should I get?
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