stems and handlebars


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Oct 2, 2002
Would like to optimize a ahybrid (BIANCHI) for my city commute.<br /><br />Bike has the wide handlebars usu seen on hybrids with Gripshifters.<br /><br />Could use a narrowere bar though- but will I need a longer stem? <br /><br />Paul
I'm not a specialist, but I dont think so. You handlebars should be more a less the in line with the outside of your shoulders. The stem is there to set your body position. I dont think the stem needs to be longer or shorter. But... that only a opinion
out of interest......why do u think a longer stem might be needed? maybe a shorter stem would be more beneficial??? if the bars are as wide as the shoulders already, then making them narrower may necessitate using a shorter stem.........i dont know the specifics of the situation but it sounds to me like there would be no benefit in a stem change.
Hi Trackie, I think you read my posting wrong. My comment was " I dont think the stem needs to be longer or shorter". cheers
Sorry pothole. My comment was actually directed at paul. To set the record straight i agree with what u have said.