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  1. Stent implant revolutionises cardiovascular treatment

    ANI Thursday, May 22, 2003

    Washington - A major breakthrough was achieved in the field of cardiology when an antibody-coated
    stent was implanted in the first human patient recently.

    The implant took place at Thoraxcenter, University Hospital of Rotterdam in Holland. The procedure
    was broadcast via a live feed to the EuroPCR Conference in Paris, in which over 10,000
    interventional cardiologists took part.

    The innovative discovery is said to have the potential to improve the lives of those suffering from
    coronary artery disease as it reduces restenosis and prevents blood clots from occurring. Stents are
    wire mesh tubes widely used for years in interventional cardiology to clear blocked arteries. They
    improve the flow of blood to the heart muscles.

    The stent, when placed into a blocked area of an artery, captures endothelial progenitor cells (EPC)
    circulating throughout the blood. The endothelial cells line blood vessels and ensure smooth flow of
    blood through the body.

    Those patients requiring cardiovascular bypass surgery would also be benefited from the discovery.
    If an artificial artery, before being implanted into a human body, is coated with anti-EPC
    antibodies, it would eliminate the need to use arteries from patients' legs or arms for bypass
    surgery grafts. This would reduce surgery and anesthesia times, which in turn will reduce coronary
    surgery deaths.

    The new discovery is likely to bring down the rate of cardiovascular deaths. According to sources,
    during 1999 a total 78,942 cardiovascular deaths were reported in Canada out of which 54 per cent
    were due to coronary artery disease and an additional 10 per cent from high blood pressure and
    hardening of the arteries.

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