Still Own A Singlespeed?

Yeah my friends are drinkers and they all think they're awesome at riding without brakes. I've had to respond to so many accident calls and everytime it's the drivers fault. I can believe that a driver was to blame sometimes but you mean to tell me everytime you're riding drunk with no brakes it's the drivers fault?

I have been known to ride home from the pub with a thick pair of beer goggles on.
Would NEVER do it without brakes, even on a fixie.
Yep. A fixed gear. Old Fuji conversion. 48x15 gearing. My favorite bike. It's set up like a light utility road bike. Raceblade fenders, Tektro dual pivot calipers and levers, Schwabe Marathon Plus 28mm tires, Forte puncture resistant tubes, Delta seatpost rack and trunkbag. Sugino 103mm bb, KMC 1/8" chain, Sugino Messenger crankset.

Spent alot on comps, but we'll worth it. It's a hoss. Just keep it cleaned and lubed. 5,000 miles with 2 bb replacements. For some reason they don't last more than a couple years.
I love my single speed steel clunky bike. Funny thing, when I bought it the shop owner told me I was purchasing the tank of bikes. He gave me two free tune-ups and then said that I probably would never need them. For me, single speeds are the way to go because they are bullet proof and low maintenance.
I haven't had one since I was a kid. I remember in order to break you had to push the pedal back, that would block the back wheel. When it came to up hills it was easier to get of the bike and push it up. Good times, but I would want to go back.
I still own my single speeder. I haven't used it in awhile though because of my new road bike trecky. Might crack it out some time soon.
Not my primary bike, but I have a Redline 9-2-5 that I ride a couple times a month, I avoid any big hills, but doing a 30 miler on a flat course is a blast. I ride it ingle speed as opposed to fixed, as fixed is just to tough on the knees.
I just have no use for one. I haven't actively used one since I was a kid. I can't think of any good reason to use one now. Plus most of my routes have hills in them.
I still own one, used it for 2 years as my main bike but haven't touched it since my last puncture. I miss the simplicity of it, and liked climbing out of the saddle to overcome short hills.

Don't ride it anymore due to
(i) more frequent flat tubes compared to my current setup (this isn't a single speed issue, just the particular setup i have)
(ii) my knees were starting to feel the wear, thought best to go back to gears before I did real dmg to them

On a related note, could never get used to fixed gears, as it's very awkward to ride when climbing out of the saddle.
Track bike rider since the late 1970's/early 1980's. I still use a track bike for Winter training on the road due to easy cleanup and on the rollers and fluid trainer for indoor workouts.


I never got bitten by the single-speed bug, unfortunately. I think it was that I just couldn't trust something that didn't have brakes on it. I know that'll cause people to roll their eyes at how suburban that seems, but it's just true. But seeing how SS devotes so much devotion in its fans, I might have to give it another go sometime.
Yes. It is usually the first adult size bycicle one should buy as a beginner. I gave away my good ol' one. I usually use another singlespeed but newer.
Yes, a track bike but haven't taken it out since the late 90's. The glue on the tubs are toast and haven't got around to re-glue them. Not sure I want to trust the old tubs either.
I don't have a single speed anymore, and I'm not sure if I would buy one. You may say I'm silly, but here almost everybody who rides a single is either a child or a hipster, and I'd feel weird in the latter category. I know that a lot of people have single speed bikes in Holland, though - or at least in Amsterdam. I guess people there are, on average, more practical than me :p
I do have one, actually. It was the very first bike that I bought for myself when I was younger, and I just don't want to get rid of it. I don't ride it very often, but there is a beautiful flat route in the countryside around an hour's drive from where I live, and I like to go there a few times in the summer - and I take the single speed with me when I go there.
I remember my one and only single speed bike. It was a little blue Schwinn that I rode as a very young child, and it must have been prehistoric. Ah, to have that baby again would be so cool. I rode a three speed for years and years as an older child and teenager. I think I rode that bike to death but didn't have the know-how at the time to try to repair it. I think I finally sold it to a guy who collects bikes to repair and resell... and again, I wish I still had that bike. When I ride now, I usually only use one speed anyway, so it probably wouldn't bother me at all to own a single speed-er again.
Yep, it's my go to bike for doing groceries and to get back home after a night of drinking. Then again, I live in a flat area where single speed bikes are still quite common. They are durable, cheap and easy to maintain for me.
Just sold my old single speed a couple months back for lack of use. It also needed some work, but mostly with the chain. It would have been an easy fix, but I just don't have enough time these days to ride like I used to.

I am looking for a new bike now. Cycling, walking, and swimming. That's my new get in shape strategy.