Stinging Thigh Pain


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Mar 8, 2007
On rides of 50+ miles I have on several occasions experienced pain on the top of my thigh(s) similar to numerous bee stings. I don't feel any pain until I accidentally brush my thigh or rest my hand on it, then major burning pain comes on. It's not proceeded or followed by cramping and typically occurs near the end of the ride,disappearing as quickly as it occurs. I try to stay hydrated and consume energy drinks and food during the ride. Anyone else experience this pain? Any suggestions on avoiding it?
I get pain from riding hard but not stinging, and also used to get my share of calf cramps. I started to drink more water before during and after a long ride seemed to help the cramping issue.
...Any suggestions on avoiding it?...
Well the usual suspects would be electrolytes or bike fit.

If it typically occurs in hot or humid conditions you might try some electrolyte caps like Hammer's Endurolytes in addition to your energy drink which should also have some electrolytes.

If it happens on long rides regardless of heat, humidity, feeding and hydration then I'd suspect some sort of bike fit issue that's straining your hip flexors or something else in that region. Best bet there is seeing a good bike fitter, which isn't a bad idea for many folks.

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Thanks to both posts. While it seems the bike fits ok, I probably could use a fit adjustment...
Never heard of the kind of pain you're describing. I doubt very much that it's related to bike fit, ie. your position on the bike. Thighs can hurt and burn when you ride with your saddle too low, but it's not the kind of pain you would get only from touching your thigh.
I dont know how common it is in the hip joint area, but your description sounds almost textbook for gout. It may be worth going to your doc and having your uric acid levels measured if this doesnt clear up soon
I have had gout for a number of years, it is usually give one a problem in their feet. I doubt that it is gout if you say that it goes away quickly, when someone gets a full blown gout flare up it can last up to 10 days of agonizing pain. Don't ask me how I know this.;) Go and get fit to your bike, if that doesn't help go see your doc.