Stinking shoes. SH-MO82

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Per ElmsäTer

Didn't get any response on this question in r.b.m. so I figured I'll escalate the case to r.b.t.

I have a pair of Shimano MTB shoes SH-MO82 that really stink and It's not from my feet, believe it
or not It's the outside of the shoe that stinks. Smells something like fresh cowshit. In the
beginning I just figured it was the new rubber and it would wear off but it hasn't in almost a year,
so now I'm getting ready to see what Shimano has to say about it. I also have another pair of
Shimano Winter shoes and they don't smell at all even though the rubber on the outside looks pretty
much the same.

Is there anybody else out there who has experienced this. My own opinion is that something must have
gone wrong with the glue in a particular batch or something like that.

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