Stinky Poggio II's and sweat


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Mar 16, 2004
Last night I rode in my new Poggio II's and sweated heaps (it was 35 degreesC here in the tropics) and by the end of the ride my feet were swimming in sweat, which is usual for me.

So when I got home I dried them out with a towel and put my brand new spakin shoes under the ceiling fan in my airconditioned room.

This morning when I got up they were dry, BUT MAN DO THEY STINK. none of my other shoes have smelled so bad.....

So the question is how do I care for these shoes, I dun mind the stink so much but how should I wash them (I used to wash the sweat out of my old shoes every two weeks)

I cant exactly throw them into the washing machine and Im a bit reluctant to hadwash them. The outside is ok, thats easy, but the inside is gonna get ugly real quickly.

Any advice is greatly appreciated