Stolen bike in Santa Cruz: 2002 Enduro Pro

Discussion in 'The Bike Cafe' started by jimw, Aug 11, 2004.

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    Man, I can't believe this. My first post on this board, and it's to report that some loser jacked my bike. Guess you can't trust anyone these days. Even with 1/4" steel cable lock! I'm still calm right now because I think I'm still in shock, but I think I might be busting some walls pretty soon, so I'll get this out while I'm still relatively clear-headed. Don't know if there are many Bay area riders here, but I'm trying everything I can think of.

    Below are the details. Anyone with information leading to the return of this bike, I have some $$ for you. Contact me at 831-247-5741. Please pass this info on to your riding buddies... Also if anyone knows of other online places I should post this, please PM me.


    - 2002 Enduro Pro (I have the serial number somewhere, will post when I find it).

    - Stolen sometime between 4 AM and 9 AM on Tuesday, 8/10/04 at intersection of Chestnut and Squid Row, downtown Santa Cruz. The bike was on a spare tire bike rack on the back of a green Isuzu Rodeo, locked with 1/4" steel cable lock (they hacksawed it). This couldn't have been cased out for long, as this was the first day I was staying at a friend's place there.

    Here's the latest picture I have:


    Here's an older one:


    More details. Items with a "*" are non-stock or unique.

    - Stock fork (02 black RockShox Psylo), in good shape, recently rebuilt
    - Hayes Mag disc brakes
    * - 8" rotor up front (stock 6" in back)
    * - Black "Dangerboy" 2-finger brake levers
    * - ODI lock-on grips
    * - Bontrager bar-ends (don't gimme a hard time!)
    * - Sensor on fork for Specialized Speedzone Pro cycle computer, empty mount on handlebar
    * - Front cables zip-tied to bottom of headset
    * - 2.5" WTB Weirwolf tire up front
    - 2.3" Specialized Enduro Pro tire in back
    * - Mavic F200 rims front and back, no stickers
    * - Thicker guage spokes than originals, don't remember the details
    - Stock Specialized stem, seatpost, cranks, chainwheels
    * - Shimano M545 pedals (silver cage)
    * - Fox "Itch" shock has modified black Lizard Skins protective boot
    * - Shock link has been replaced with a GOLD one (orignal was black)
    * - Serfas gel seat with "deep groove" or whatever it's called, super comfy

    Please please please contact me if you have any info on this bike. This bike is my baby.


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    Apr 21, 2004
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    Sorry to hear about your loss, Jim. It is a nice bike. I'm too far away but I'll still keep my eyes open. I sure hope you get the a** hole who took it and you get to beat the crap out of him too! Best of luck.