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    By Sriya Ray Chaudhuri
    Times News Network
    Friday, March 7, 2003

    Dr Anjali Mukerjee, nutritionist
    on the powers of non-drug therapy

    What brings you to Kolkata?

    I am coming to Kolkata after a long time. I will attend
    the symposium to be held at ITC Sonar Bangla. The
    programme is being organised by the Bhagirathi Neotia
    Woman and Child Care Centre on the occasion of
    International Women's Day on March 8.

    What is the non-drug therapy that you practice?

    There are various ailments which can be effectively cured
    by not using drugs. This is an alternative method, where
    natural herbs, vitamins, food supplements and lots of
    proper exercise are used. This can be used either to
    prevent or cure illness. The non-drug therapy can be used
    to cure diabetes, arthritis, obesity, PMS and can even
    help prevent cancer and increase immunity.

    How viable is this system?

    Since the treatment we offer is of a highly
    individualistic nature, it takes into consideration each
    person's physical constitution as well as food and
    lifestyle habits. It also helps spread health awareness.
    Moreover, after the treatment is over, it is possible to
    be your own doctor and carry on maintaining a certain
    standard of living.

    Do you have any plans to expand your company Health Total
    to Kolkata?

    We at Health Total are always hopeful of expanding the
    company and serving more and more people. Moreover, we
    also have a range of branded health snacks with products
    like soyabeans, millet biscuits and soya nuts which can
    be eaten by diabetics, as well as by those who desire to
    eat healthy.

    What is your advice to today's women?

    Go back to nature and eat food in its natural form.
    Overcooked, bottled and canned stuff are not desirable.
    If you eat healthy, you stay healthy, with higher energy

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