Strange Behaviour



Hey - a chap I know, always fiddling with his bikes, before his wife goes off to work he opens the garden shed, gets out the lawnmower and a few garden tools. Waves her off to work, then goes work and play with his bikes all day. Shifts the mower and tools around a bit, after lunch. In the afternoon, when he hears her car come up the drive, he rushes out, grabs an implement or two, and pretends to be busy in the garden. Ha, Ha. I think he's got the bike bug. Should buy his wife a bike.
Imagine she forgets something at home one morning, and goes back to collect it! ;D
Umm, could be a worry. I'll tell him to put the lawnmower in the bike shed, ready for a sparkplug check/clean, and maybe new blades. Ha ha.
Visiting a friend recently, in his garage having a natter while he's working on one of his bikes. In comes his wife, says hullo, surveys the scene with hands on hips. Then with pointed finger, she starts counting bikes. I'm thinking 'Uh-oh, the hammer's about to come down'. And ' How many bikes makes grounds for divorce?' Whereupon he downs tools, goes over gives her a hug and a kiss, welcome home luv, etc. 'Just tuned your bike, dear'. Mercifully, all's o.k. Conversation reverts to 'how was your day?', and 'what's for tea?' Phew! Close shave, that one. I've offered to throw some of his bikes on the truck, and drop them off at the Salvo's. Don't think he's too keen on that idea.
The 'I'm doing this for you, dear' trick always works ;D
The 'I'm doing this for you, dear' trick always works ;D
It has even more effect when you've dropped 10-15kg in the last few months ;)
Bloke I know loves to grind out the k's and throw in a session or two on the windtrainer. Gets bored on the trainer in the garage so looks for more comfortable surrounds. Checks on the wife's hairdressing appointments for possible equipment relocation options.

When she rattles down the driveway to the hair appointment he zeros in his watch and sets up in the lounge. Stacks of newspaper on the floor to catch the sweat. He's escaped detection so far but has had some difficult moments when explaining where the newspaper has suddenly disappeared to. The flushed complexion hasn't helped either! ;D
Good one! I love it. LOL. Gosh, he must be fit.
Does he have the telly on? Perhaps a bathtowel, in place of the newspaper... Hope the trainer frame doesn't mark the carpet.

Sort of reminds me of the time when I heated a large pot of water on the gas stove, to clean some Fiat cylinder barrels. When I added a tin of caustic soda, the whole lot boiled over and stripped the paint (!) off the kitchen linoleum. (The landlord had painted the floor). I had to try to neutralise the caustic with vinegar, and repaint the floor as soon as poss. Ha ha. Ended up with the barrels in the old bathtub, got some trichloroethylene, brushed that on. Didn't work too well since the tricho wasn't in vapour form, just liquid. Took me ages to clean the tub. There was a happy ending though - the motor fired up first kick and I was able to shift house later on. Still wondering what the ceiling of the flat below looked like. One of life's little lessons, I guess: Caustic Soda plus Water Equals Heat.