Strecthing before/after muni-ing?

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    terrybigwheel wrote:

    > Just wondering how many of you, if any, do any kind of strecthing
    > routine either before or after muni-ing, (or both) :) and if so, what
    > do you do and for how long?

    I would strongly recommend reading
    if you're interested in this kind of thing. It's a blog written by a
    physio talking about injuries and such but with a juggling bent.

    Specifically, go look at

    I quote: "there is NO evidence to show that warming-up reduces your risk
    of injury. In fact there is far more evidence to show that it's a
    complete waste of your time if injury avoidance is the main reason you
    are doing it."



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    Klaas Bil wrote:
    > On Fri, 17 Feb 2006 14:49:54 -0600, teachndad wrote:
    > >Middle age as brought forth a lot of dry tendons that are less
    > >resilient.

    > I'm 52. I don't stretch before or after a ride. The only thing I do it
    > take it easy in the first few minutes of a ride. I never have tendon
    > problems, and only rarely I have sore muscles. I guess I'm lucky.

    That's pretty much what I do- gentle riding seems to make a good


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