Student Engineering Bike Survey for New Product Innovation

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    Do you have 3 minutes to spare?

    As a second year Engineering student, I have been given the task to work in a team of 5 to write a business plan for an invention/ innovation that we have had to come up with.
    As part of this assignment, we need to have carried out extensive market research into the relevant field.

    We believe our group’s product would benefit the cycling community, and we would therefore greatly appreciate if you could complete the survey link below.

    Our innovation is a bike lock/tracking system, which guarantees rapid recovery of your bike if it were to get stolen. When the bike lock is either cut or picked, a transmitter hidden in the bike frame is activated. This informs the user, our company and the Police of the theft, and provides us with GPS localisation of the bike so that we can locate the bike quickly with the aid of the authorities.

    The following link leads to an online questionnaire which takes roughly 3 mins to fill out:

    On behalf of my team, thank you so much for your time, and we would be very happy to offer you a token of our appreciation in the near future!

    Best wishes,

    Vijay Mehta