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    I am an industrial design student at the Rochester Institute of Technology and our class is working for a major bike company to work on some women's specific products both in invention and innovation. I would appreciate some feedback on a few topics. Everything from the bikes themselves to clothing and everything in between is being looked at.

    1. What do you love about cycling?

    2. What frustrations do you have with cycling?

    3. Do you use some sort of modification to the bike itself etc., to fix problems that a current product does not address? If so in what way?

    4. How do you feel about cycling clothing?

    5. What was your experience like being fit for a bike?

    6. Is there something about cycling that you wish were easier/more challanging?

    Any info regarding any of the above questions would help me out greatly! Also if you could mention your riding level (beginner/advanced) tha would be great. Feel free to bring up your own questions about women's specific cycling. Thanks!