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    Hi i am a student at Staffordshire University, doing a degree in product

    For my next project I am doing a project for a company called Pulse
    ( who design and manufacture gym
    equipment. For our next project it is to redesign the spinning bike,
    the brief goes as follows:

    The Fitness Industry has expanded rapidly over the last twenty years.
    It has also undergone a metamorphosis during that time, starting off
    with ‘body building' & mirror-lined, sweaty gymnasiums which have
    developed into ‘lifestyle' fitness suites.
    Because of this change, Pulse Fitness is redefining its product
    portfolio to better reflect the user of today. In most fitness suites
    the equipment can be divided into two main areas: Cardio Vascular (or
    Aerobic), and Strength (or Resistance).

    For this project you will be concerned with the design of a new spin
    bike (aka spinning cycle or group cycle)
    This is a classic ‘Market-Pull' Industrial Design project in which one
    of Pulse's current products is to be re-designed.
    The designer will need to bear in mind not just the end user but also
    the client and the client's customer or fitness suite owner. In order
    to satisfy the client, it has to be ‘drop-dead gorgeous' and work
    ‘like-a-dream', be groundbreaking and possibly patentable, costing
    less than the existing product and, as if that wasn't enough, be
    guaranteed to trounce his competitors products!
    The fitness suite owner wants the product to fit beautifully into his
    fitness centre, cost absolutely nothing to maintain, be idiot-proof
    for the customer and when installing it, completely safe for his
    customers to use and to never wear out! The user wants a ‘wonder
    machine' that exercises him incredibly efficiently, cutting down on
    the donkey work, yet on which he has no fear of hurting himself and
    which he finds incredibly easy to operate. In summary:

    1. Use all the great stuff from the original.
    2. Get rid of any weak areas on the original design.
    3. Reduce manufacturing costs by 20%.
    4. Make the new product more desirable to our future customers

    What I am asking is you have any ideas on:
    1) What aspect of the Spinning bike is most important?
    2) Do you think there sure weaknesses in the spinning bike and where
    3) What sort of materials do you think I can use to make the product
    4) If you have any ideas or suggestions hat would be helpful in making
    this a good product

    I hope to hear from you soon

    Mickesh Mistry
    Staffordshire University
    Student email:
    [email protected]

    Phone number is 07976972592

    Home address:
    76 Cauldon Road
    Stoke on Trent
    ST4 2ED

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    Some ideas:

    1) The most importatnt aspect of spinning is to have a (ideally) mainteinance-free bike.

    2) You do not excersise the upper part of the body. Other weaknesses are the cheap parts such as the pedals and crank arms-fixture. Wears very fast. Not the same spinnig bikes in the clasroom performs the same, a lot of different because the adjustments/mainteinance, not only because breakdowns.

    3) Take out the spinnig wheel, The inertia of the wheel makes the riding very smooth but some of the parts that fails more frequenty is the resistant/brake. Maybe a fluid bike or something simillar to bike indor trainers: fluid/oil, magnetic or wind resistant (to much noise). Taking out the wheel you can make a compact structure with less parts and less wear parts. And most consistent performance among bikes in the same group.

    4) One of the forgoten aspects in spinning bikes are electronics. Maybe a rpm (cadence - pedals per minute) will be of help and is not expensive, also a HRM display (more expensive).

    my two cents