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  1. Study Shows Which Men at Highest Heart Risk

    Tuesday, July 15, 2003

    Washington (Reuters) - Researchers in Scotland said on
    Monday they can tell who has the highest risk of heart
    disease and diabetes based on three of five measurements
    of obesity, cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose.

    They said the tests might offer an easier way to tell
    which men are most in danger and most in need of drugs,
    weight loss and exercise.

    The five measurements are used to define metabolic
    syndrome, or "syndrome x." They are a measurement of
    unhealthy fat, usually done with a simple waist
    circumference check, high triglycerides -- a component of
    cholesterol -- low levels of HDL or "good" cholesterol,
    high glucose and high blood pressure.

    Dr. Naveed Sattar of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary in
    Scotland and colleagues looked at data from 6,447 men
    taking part in a larger study of heart disease in the
    Glasgow area.
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