Study tips for medicine?

Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Tan Sc, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. Tan Sc

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    Hi guys

    I'm an international student starting medicine at the University of Melbourne this year. I'm worried
    that the style of teacing at the university may be rather different from what I'm used to in my home
    country (Singapore), and being eager to start off on the right foot, would like to ask whether
    anyone can provide study tips and good habits to cultivate such that I can get through the course

    Also, I'm interested to know what I can expect, for example, will I have to give up my hobbies to
    cram in all the studying? Will I also be suffering from a lack of sleep the whole year round?


    Regards, TanSC

  2. A_medico

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    † be regular...never bunk any lecture..

    † read the topic previous day which is gona b taught in lecture.... if u dont read the topic u
    underst the lecture 10 % ... if u read on previous day u underst the lecture 79 % ... after lecture
    u read it once more u underst it 90 % ...nobodys perfect.

    † try do draw more and more really makes things very easy.

    † in clinical terms...b very polite and nice with patient...if patient feels comfortable with u he
    is cured 25% without any treatment.

    † make it a point to read everyday !! ...even tho u r verrrry atleast one line but dont
    sleep without the end it gives a big psycological advantage that u havent spent a single
    day without reading !!