Stupid question - whats the best way to remove sticky decal residue on a painted frame? Thanks!

Steve wrote:

Spray with any type of light oil (I use pedros), let sit for about 5
min and then rub off with a rag. (repeat if ness.) Takes a little work
some times, re-spray with oil and buff to a shine.

Google Goo Gone

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I've spent most of my money on mountain biking and windsurfing.
The rest, I've just wasted.
D T W .../\... wrote:
> Google Goo Gone
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> DTW .../\.../\.../\...
> I've spent most of my money on mountain biking and windsurfing.
> The rest, I've just wasted.

I just started using this Goo Gone lately (available at your friendly
local Home Depot) and it's great stuff. It's just a citrus
degreaser, but they must be making it from mutant killer oranges.
Smells nice and the residue cleans up with water ;-) The old
standby is WD40. It works just fine, as well. But, it attracts
rust atoms ;-(
D T W .../\... wrote:

> Google Goo Gone



Bill "slow afternoon" S.
I'm not sure it's a good idea to use nail polish remover on what's
probably a cellulose paint there, since it contains acetone and is a
solvent to most plastics as well as possibly the paint. Use lighter
fluid... sorry, that's UK language for 'gasolene' - but zippos use a
more refined version. I find it strips off just about any kind of
residue, grease, you name it, with absolute minimal damage. Meths is
also a good one, but will depend on the kind of glue used.

Definitely stay away from Nail Polish Remover, as most of this stuff did
contain Acetone, but from what I understand, new Nail Polish Removers do
not have Acetone in it anymore?
Regardless, this still must br pretty potent stuff.

While Naptha (Lighter Fluid) Turpentine, Paint Thinner, Gasoline will
work, and Goo Gone too, one item to use which will never hurt your
paint, and also there will be a side benefit, is automobile wax.

Usually most of these have Petroleum products in them, and the side
benefit to removing the sticky crud, will be placing a protective coat
on the paint finish. While you're at it, do the rest of the Bike too!
Llatikcuf wrote:
> [email protected] wrote:
> > Nail-polish remover, or XC-ski wax remover are the two things I have
> > used.

> On Paint?

Yes, it worked fine. I don't know what kind of paint, nor what kind of
nail-polish remover. The citrus based XC-ski wax remover was much more
pleasant to deal with, though.

Josh wrote:
> Also gasoline, if all else fails.

Fails to burn down your house?

There are lots of less volatile, less smelly potions that will do the
job. Petroleum naphtha (aka "odorless paint thinner", "charcoal
starter", "Zippo lighter fuel") is a good pick. WD-40 will do the job,
though. It somethimes requires repeat applications and modest soak
times for very tenacious decal excrement.

I have had decent luck using limonene-based substances like Citra-Solv,
but they can be pricey. Fast Orange hand cleaner (the non-pumice kind)
can be globbed onto affected areas for a longer soak than the liquid
equivalents allow.

Chalo Colina
WD-40 works well and does not damage paint. Spray it on and let it soak for
a bit. Then use a rag to rub off the residue.