Sturmey - Archer Freewheel Remover


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Jul 14, 2004
Hi guys, I have a Raleigh Sprite 27 5-speed (presumably from the 1970's or so), and the chain has started to skip pretty drastically in all gears. Replacing the chain made little difference, so I'm thinking the freewheel might need to be replaced. The hub is Sturmey-Archer, made in England, the cogs say 'Normandy - Made in France'. The inside looks like the Shimano type, with the grooves going all the way around, but both of my Shimano remover tools are too small, they seem to be 22 mm diameter, this looks like it needs about a 30 mm, according to my calipers.
Does anyone know of a place that might carry the tool as well as a new freewheel?
All comments appreciated.
While not all bike shops are capable, most bike shops will have the tool to remove the Freewheel ...

Of course, I cannot say the same for my local bike shops & twice I had to grind the freewheeling portion from its stationary portion and then remove the remainder with a medium size pipe wrench ... THAT was not an elegant way to remove the Freewheel BUT it was "okay" because the particular Freewheels were no longer otherwise useable.
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Well, I've kind of tried that, hasn't met with much success so far.
Went to 3 of the local bike shops, at 1 they told me they didn't have anything that would work, at 2 others, they just tried to sell me a new rear wheel right off the bat.
Guess I might have to look to the Olde Country for help.......
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You're welcome...good luck!

Some of those older freewheels are getting tougher to find removal tools for.

I had to remove a 1970 Shimano freewheel and no local shop had a tool and my collection of tools cam up without a fit. I had to break down the freewheel in order to remove it. Pain in the rear!
Heard that....
I have several bikes that fall into the 'Classic' category and despite the fact that this city consistently ranks among the top 15 'bicyle-friendly' locations in the US (which doesn't really mean all that much, if you think about it) and has its' share of bike shops, there are really only 2 worth going to if your ride is NOT a current model (<10 years) road- or moutain bike.
Sometimes, you're almost better off at the thrift shop.
Which is, incidentally, where the Sprite came from.
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