Successful half-step conversion.

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Alpha Beta, Feb 27, 2003.

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    I setup my front crank on my RANS Rocket with a half-step and granny setup.

    Works pretty smoothly. It has a 54/50/30 setup. Flipping between the 54 and 50 is pretty simple.

    I did have to file something. Because the inner plate of the chain cage on a triple front derailler
    drops down to much I had to modify a double front derailleur by filing the high stop.

    Here is the crank area setup.

    1) 118.5 mm Ultegra bottom bracket.
    2) Ultegra Cranks.
    3) 54/50/30 chain rings.
    4) Shimano RSX double front derailleur. (old stock @6.95 from Nashbar.) I had to file down the high
    stop considerably so that I could get the derailler to travel over to the outer chaing ring since
    I was using 118.5 bottom bracket.

    Feels nice. The jump between the 54 and 50 feels slight. It might not feel like much when casually
    test it, but I believe that on long tours you will notice. (I remember Miguel Indurain saying he
    lost a stage because he could not get a in between a gear.)

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