Sugoi, Assos or LG Skinsuits/Bibs/Jerseys New Bulk order sold at COST! (need for team)

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    I work for the company Blazing, I am a consultant for them and also an avid cyclist and student.

    They have offered to be my primary sponsor and are currently designing a skinsuit/bibs/jersey. The secondary sponsor is a local bike shop called Le Dolce Velo.

    The design will be eye-catching and they want it to be kind of like a "Flame" if you go to their website or type in blazing design you will have an idea of their services.

    I am posting this to see if anyone OUTSIDE of California needs bibs/jerseys/skin-suits for cheap for bulk buying, if your private message me your size for lower and upper body I can put that in for the order.

    I will be ordering from Sugoi or Assos or any other high quality manufacturer that can deliver within the next month or two.

    If my integrity is to be questioned I will post your requested size and order on ebay and you can purchase it there or any other "middleman". I will charge cost of item, shipping plus $5 for any unpredicted costs. So whatever brand I buy you can go to the website and check the price and i swear to you I am charging you that.

    So they will be top quality, with top designers working on the design and because I have no use for 25 of these things and currently no one else on my team I will need to sell 24 skin-suits and 23 bibs/shorts. First come first serve, private message me your sizes and I will see what can be done.

    If there are not enough buyers I will not place the order and go with a cheaper manufacturer that does not require items to be bought in such bulk, and let the bike shop sell them. For now I am seeing if there is anyone interested in such an offer.