Suicide mounts

Discussion in ' archive' started by Elmer, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. Elmer

    Elmer Guest

    A word for all you spineless yellow-bellied chicken livers
    out there who can't get up the courage to do a jump mount:p's not nearly as hard as it looks:D My son tried it
    first and succeeded on his own, having never actually seen
    one done:eek: Then he let me in on the big secret. You don't
    actually have to land on both pedals at exactly the same
    time! Close, yes but perfection is not required to achieve
    success! There, now you know too.

    elmer - uniimpaired

    "Oh, really? How many hours does it have in it?" (My 8 yr. old sons
    response to my stating that this was the shortest day of the year.)
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  2. Rayden

    Rayden Guest

    I can do a jump mount (not suicide). I landed it on my first
    try I think. I have never seriously hurt myself. I land it
    most of the time. It still scares the heck out of me to do
    it though.

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  3. Bugman

    Bugman Guest

    I did it on a whim one day, and could not believe how easy
    it is. The best part is even a non unicyclist looks at you
    when you do it and think you are doing the hardest thing
    that can be done.

    For me it was far easier than learning to idle, or even ride
    for that matter. I actually nailed the suicide mount first
    time I tried it. I rarely miss. The first time I tried to
    show some family members was on an unlevel surface in the
    dark. I missed many times that night, but very rarely since.

    It's funny, the things that don't look that impressive are
    hard to learn, while something as easy as a suicide mount is
    impressive to just about anyone who sees it.

    bugman - Equilibrium Challenged

    Do you know that sensation you feel leaning back in a chair just before
    you fall over? I feel that way pretty much all the time.
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