Suitable Cage Pedals?


Duncan Smith

Thinking ahead to the winter, I might try a different strategy for
keeping the feet warm and dry this year. Last year I tried dedicated
cycling boots (the Lake MXZ... things) in sub-zero conditions I found
they were good for about an hour but no longer - biggest drawbacks
were probably the narrow gait which prevented wearing several pairs of
wolly socks and the metal clips themselves contributing to heat loss.

This year I'm sticking with walking gear - a trusted pair of boots
with knee length gaiters and wolly socks should stay warmer and drier
for longer, and the good folk at recommend these 'Power
Grips' for keeping large
boots attached to pedals.

2 questions:

Are the extra large power grips a better choice over the standard

What's a good cage pedal, I found Wellgo LU 964 Aluminium Cage on the
net but they look a bit budget, would they last the winter? Any

Many thanks,