Summerhill charged with firing a gun while riding in colorado


Aug 12, 2001
Summerhill charged with firing a gun while riding in Colorado
Danny Summerhill (UnitedHealthcare) was arraigned in Jefferson County, Colorado on Tuesday on charges of disorderly conduct, discharging a weapon in a public place and reckless endangerment after being witnessed shooting his gun while riding his bicycle outside of Denver in February, according to the Denver Post.

A cyclist was seen firing a handgun into a hillside as he rode along South Deer Creek Road, in the rural area south-west of Denver, during the afternoon of Tuesday, February 21.

Training with a gun in your jersey pocket is a thing now?
Yeah. Letting off steam by firing a gun isn't a bad thing in and of itself, but in a residential area? It sounds like he was just blasting into the side of a hill...again, usually no harm, no foul...BUT, if there really was homes nearby I can see why the LEO's charged him.

Additionally, shooting from a moving bike? Now that's just bizarre...unless your in the People's Liberation Army.


Every bullet has a lawyer attached to it and safety with firearms is paramount.
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Summerhill should have definitely observed the law that you cant discharge a firearm from a roadway. He was just asking for trouble. I guess those drugs the pro's use make them a bit angrier than usual!
As a Colorado resident, it's certainly a good idea to conceal carry if your riding though. Colorado has a lot of remote locations with big animals (saw a lynx the other day in Rist Canyon), and many rednecks who don't like us non-fuel using cyclists. So learn the laws, be responsible, and carry a pistol while on the bike.
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