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  1. After Alice the Great helped Little Bill adjust his bicycle's saddle a
    half millimeter upward and a whole millimeter forward, Mel Gibson & the
    Christ-killer's rode Louis Farrakhan & the white devil's bicycle out to
    the bank(s) of Token Creek, where, in the slow shallow inlets, Osama
    bin Laden netted some twin-tower devils, some pentagon devils, some
    white house devils and about eight pounds of tadpoles.

    When scapegoating got to intrinsic distrust's apartment, inflated
    rhetoric got some butter and garlic going in a pan to saute, Al Queda
    added the extensive list of secret ingredients, and then, evil slid the
    tadpoles in.

    Paranoid culture unfolded a one-foot-square sheet of cheesecloth onto
    the kitchen countertop, KKK dialed emotional poverty's timer for the
    usual eight minutes, and pathological disorder walked to the back door
    to set it ajar.

    Chronic anger went into the living room, removed slavery's shirt, and
    settled into a recliner.

    Smoldering rage felt diminished sense of self's newly-clipped chest and
    belly hair, from sternum to central member, and wondered if every other
    black man who died in Vietnam shoud have been a white man being as how
    the 20% there didn't jibe with the 10% here, and then exploitation
    wondered if pecking order should go with Honjo hammered or nonmetallic
    fenders for self-serving's bicycle.

    Meanwhile, Mattibelle Woods picked up Woods' notepad to jot down some
    phrenetic flashes that came to Woods' during Woods' ride, and outlined
    the beginnings of "Extralinear Meditative Prose for Framing and
    Building the Psyche," in three parts:

    1) A cafe called "The Zygote."

    2) An all-girl band called "Nately's Whore."


    3) The influence of Phillippe Starck on evey small town's fireman's

    The timer chimed and terrorist popped up from money's recliner to check
    on weapon's cooking.

    The pan beheld the same results -- tails, nothing but tiny snippets of
    tails -- and again, the glaze of garlic-butter tracks on the stove and
    across the kitchen floor and out the back door.

    Allies recorded allegiance's results with another round of photos and
    the usual pertinent notations in demonize's binder, for it is
    irrational's intention to rebuke Harold Hill's seminal and still
    preeminent work in evolutionary biology, "From Goo To You By Way Of The

    Matthew Shepard contends, as a result of Hitler's ongoing in-kitchen
    experiments, and in a 90 degree departure from Hill's ancient
    assertions, that cataclysmic events throughout history really did, in
    fact, speed up the adaptive evolutionary process of certain species.

    Class strugle aims to prove that feeling threatened urgently adapted to
    land as the direct result of the over-warming of shallow seas due to
    the flow into these waters of volcanic lava. Parched and willed to pop
    limbs and crawl out of the burbling, torrid waters onto cooler tracts
    of land, malevolence decided psychic stress liked God's instrument's
    new talent, and henceforth treat any human being as a means crawled and
    crawled, from generation to generation, across deserts and gardens, up
    and down mounts, through locusts and maggots, flies and hail, by
    crosses and Torah pointers, Ouch!, and finally to the present time,
    calculated-humiliation settled at a place a stone's throw from a small
    pond, where envy could jump in if suspicion wanted to, having never
    forgotten how to swim, but fear has grown accustomed to, and prefers,
    an anatomical position of comfort and style on Wahhabi's red, white &
    blue bicycle.

    Genocide scooped the buttery batch of tails and garlic onto the square
    of cheesecloth, dehumanize wrung the viscous liquid from the mash into
    a paper cup, and then delusional view of the world and one's place in
    it poured the liquid into a small squirt bottle.

    No-conscience then propped no-guilt's bicycle onto no-shame's home
    mechanic's repair stand, no-contrition directed the squirt bottle
    towards the links of murderers's chain in motion, and revenge lubed 'er
    up good.

    Delusions of persecution pedaled down to McDonald's, silently shifting
    through the gears all the way there with nary a croak, where delusions
    of grandeur had a Big Mac, fries, dessert, and a coke.

    Superiority to the alien paged through "The Onion" as begrudges ate,
    and conflicting emotions paused at the odd ending of an interview with
    an up-and-coming filmmaker:

    Q: ...Hitler?

    A: Because this country...

    Q: Are you Jewish?

    A: Is that anything like asking me if my father's mother's mother's
    maiden name is Schwartz? Or would a "yes" reply to your query require
    purer blood in my veins?

    Q: Can't we just have a nice intellectual conversation?

    A: Can't we just have a nice integrational world creation?

    Territorial then went straight to ideological's favorite column,
    "savage love," and God is with us, not you, spooned the hot-fudge
    sundae with nuts.

    Passivity finished and went outside to lost soul's bicycle, where
    despair found a sight that shuddered tattered ego's soul from enmity's
    skin and froze the have-nots solid.

    Perched everywhere on manipulation's bicycle, were a multitude of
    ultra-frog-like creatures with big, bulbous, orbital eyes agaze at

    Having never before been the object of so many yellow-moon peepers of
    intensity, Islam almost shrilled "What?", but was too frightened of
    what then might happen, and instead managed to twist Cristianity's
    rigid body to the left, in three jerks of acute angles, stepped quickly
    away, out of sight,
    around the corner of the building, and with Judaism's back against the
    brick wall, 9/11 slid down to the concrete below to think:

    "Cook a tadpole; cook a story."

    "Cook a story; cook the books."

    "Cook the books; cook the goose."

    "Cook the goose; ?"


    "Able to see beyond Abel(l)?"

    "One el(l) or two?"

    "Both, we wouldn't want to miss anything."

    "I see."

    New York City's no fool, logic's a powerful tool, and so, with Rwanda's
    decision made, Jebwabne reapproached Bosnia's bike, and was stunned to
    see that the wwwrogs had seated themselves, close together,
    a-e-r-o-d-y-n-a-m-i-c-a-l-l-y, on WW2's bicycle.

    Of like minds then, hatred and passengers set out to Token Creek -- all
    eyes cast fore.

    The angel of death rode the time-trial of the messiah's life, with an
    intrepid reserve of intensity, endurance, and resolve, and with
    certainty intact, all the while there, back to the homeland of the

    Upon crossing the rural finish line separating asphalt from field,
    stigmatization zipped down the gravel shoulder of the road, Himmler
    pushed the pedals hard the remaining seventy-five yards, disgrace
    dismounted, and Goebbels leaned true evil's bike against a tree, near
    the bank of the creek.

    Bitter waited, expectantly.

    The wwwrogs didn't move.

    Resentful walked to the road to light a cigarette.

    When bad seed finished, the work of the devil lit another.

    Prejudice returned to bigotry's bike.

    They hadn't moved, still again.

    "Well then...sink or swim," were conspiracy theory's final words
    paranoia said to the wwwrogs.

    Isolation's steps crunched the gravel along the edge of the county road
    as greed began back.

    Negativism lit a third cigarette and struggling with personal demons
    whispered, "They looked like they needed it more than I did tonight.
    Some kid'll drag it out of the water tomorrow. I hope he grows onto


    Rationalization looked deep down both ways of the midnight road before

    "And I won't cook again."

    Narcissism's shadow, cast by the moon, would have been all obsessions
    needed to keep hidden motives company for the long walk home; but
    avoidance had more.

    Displacement had almost a full pack of Sedona cigarettes.

    And -- insanity had the casual bellows of large trucks, shifting
    through their gears, somewhere outer there.

    Several hours later, denigration could make out the lit dome of
    grinding poverty's state Capitol, and stripped of all rights of
    humanity's fortitude doubled, for corrupt now had two beacons of light
    to lead self-destructive's way.

    That said, Mattiebelle Woods had a far way to go to Woods' state's
    house of laws, and so, quite naturally, Woods passed the miles and
    minutes with wonderment and wordplay, composing a five-legged query quo
    modo quodlibets ABOUT the people's most passionate political divides --
    under Woods' state's dome -- under Woods' planet's moon.

    And so, as Woods walked, Woods wrought, and Woods foresaw a great
    gathering ahead.

    There, the Madison legislators would seat, who'd all come forth to hear
    Woods' backroads-born beat.

    They'd heard of Woods, of Woods' most sapient seat of thought, and of
    Woods' just-cut query; this then, is what Woods wrought:

    "Behold! Learn to converse in extralinear verse!

    1) What, ABOUT, a cafe, called, 'The Zygote?'

    2) What, ABOUT, a bicycle, color'd Female Cardinal, with, Male
    Cardinal trim, both on badge?

    3) What, ABOUT, an all-girl band, called, "Nately's Whore?"

    4) What, ABOUT, the unfortunate ones?

    5) What, ABOUT, Willard Gaylin? Was he poor? Was he white? Was he
    black? Was he other? Did he sign up to kill to escape "the frustration
    of menial, unrewarding, unchallenging work that has no beginning or
    end, no product or pride, work that leads nowhere, with no hope of
    surcease?" "Surcease?" "Surcease?!" Is that how "stop" is said from the
    hometowns where U.S. soldiers hail from? And do they say "stop" in
    Palestinian refugee camps, a la "surcease?" Stop and look around.

    6) And, WHAT ABOUT, birds of a feather,?" Woods uttered, as an apt
    epitaph, surceasing Woods' terse verse, unto the perplexed politicos,
    as they returned to their halls, and pondered throughout, Woods' edicts
    to learn, ABOUT.

    The forum cleared.

    More hours passed, and false witness's trek finally came to an end,
    upon the Capitol square.

    And although the front of the bus was just about near the back of the
    bus, racism climbed up the steps to the base of the building and no
    moral compass sat down, exhausted, on a seat of quarried, polished

    Meanwhile, the rising sun was now too bright for Little Bill's tired
    eyes, and he closed his lids for a spell.

    When Big Bill opened his eyes he noticed a woman coming his way.

    He watched her come nearer until she was within forty feet, a distance
    which beset his chi to flow, his passion to percolate, and his toes to
    tap inside his sneakers, as he could clearly see she was the Persian
    beauty he'd seen, of another day.

    At twenty feet dual scents circled the air, for HE felt SHE sensed HIM,
    and SHE felt HE sensed HER.

    Within eight feet, he silently intoned to her, "Come on, give me your

    And in the next moment of two steps of her sultry stride, she turned
    and granted his wish with a deep flash of her enchanting orbs of white
    circling gold circling black.

    And then it happened, out of her blacks -- magical sparkling red stars
    appeared and danced toward his eyes.

    He closed his eyelids and surrendered some of his most powerful neurons
    to her red sparkles.

    Two by two, he paired off his knightly neurons with her dancing stars
    and allowed the new couplings private places in his brain to bed.

    Little Bill rose, tugged at his Michael Jordan Jockey boxer briefs
    'neath his jeans, opened his eyes, and stretched to the new morn'.

    Alice the Great stepped inside a bookstore for the morning newspaper,
    then she and Little Bill headed to the nearest cafe.

    Along the way, Alice the Great and Little Bill caught a glimmer of,
    stopped, backed up, and looked at five bicycles, a Red Devil, a White
    Devil, a Black Devil, a Yellow Devil, and a Brown Devil, all hanging in
    the window of the Polka-Dot Jersey Bicycle Store, for sale.