Sunday Morning Moderate Ride


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May 3, 2002
Hiya everyone, <br /><br />I have set up a consistent Sunday morning training group of about 10 people usually. We usually meet at the Nino's on Woodmead Drive at 6:30 and either ride to Emmerentia Dam (50km) and back, or we ride to Irene and back (75km).<br /><br />The rides are at a really easy pace, 21km ave for Emmerentia route, and 24km ave for Irene route so it's great for a long slow ride pace. I usually add on extra mileage before and after the ride so it's great if you're as bad at keeping the pace down as I am for these long slow rides.<br /><br />I want to extend the route slightly this Sunday going through Midrand, through Rooihuiskraal and going to the Voortrekker Monument and then returning via the back of Irene and along Olifantsfontein road and back. Hopefully it will be 90+km. <br /><br />Let me know if you are interested in joining us.
Sounds great LR. My other mates are doing the Amashovashova this weekend, so I might join. I'll just have to wait and see as we are moving on Saturday and I think the boss is gonna keep me on a short leash. ;D
A 21 kph average? I have a couple of mates I took out last weekend and a girl who is quite keen but not that strong. I think 21kph is just about the right pace for them (especially for the girl, on the rides I take her on she finds about 21kph a good pace). I might aim them towards you in later weeks if you don't mind, we're all doing amashovashova this weekend though
Good luck for the Amashova. Cool. We sometimes help the stragglers along on the hills by giving them the odd push. Your friends are welcome and they don't have to worry. Nobody gets dropped.
Sounds good I will direct them your way and maybe even try join you on it next weekend. The girl has been trying to ride with Club 100 but she feels like a bit of a spare tyre going along with them even though she isn't that weak (She finished the Tour De Gold in 5 hours, with one strong guy pushing her up some hills). The rest of my friends are unlikely to be regular, I'm more just trying to make sure they don't expire halfway through the 94.7
That's exactly the purpose of this training group. Tell your friend that I'm a Club100 member as are some of our group, so she make a few friends that she can train with more regularly.
Hi<br /><br />I have been cycling now for about 3 months, but I am finding it difficult to keep up with most groups. I would like to join you on your moderate rides on Sundays, however this Sunday I have the Amashovashova race. Could you keep me posted about future Sundays?<br />Thanks
There we go, thats the girl I was talking about. Now I know someone here I guess I'll have to keep things tidy? So are there any prizes for introducing new people?
Between Gear Grinder and Lab-Rat, I can't decide who's our resident gigolo. ;D ;D
Oi, I am a nice fellow, but just like Lab Rat I have trouble keeping the right pace, I am a poor inexperienced cyclist and haven't yet learnt accelerator control
Yep accelorator control ;D ;D<br /><br />You know when you go out on a recovery ride and can't figure out why you're feeling so knackered only to get home and see you've averaged 32. :p
Hmm, I think I must have some lead weights lying around in this vehicle, My accelerator control is bad, but unortunately the only way I get to 32 is with some judicious use of downhills. But yes, I find myself getting more tired from going slowly up a hill than when putting some effort in
This Sunday we're looking at doing the Westcon Ride as a warm-up to the 94.7, so there won't be a ride on Sunday.<br /><br />Next Sunday we will have an easy one though. I'll update you closer to the time.
Hi Lab_Rat, will you be taking the moderate ride this Sunday? If so could you give me some details so that I can meet you. Thanks
At the moment it looks like I personally won't be riding with the group but there will be people going. They are meeting at Nino's in Woodmead at 6:30 and are going to do about 60kms.<br /><br />Let me know if you are still interested and PM your e-mail address so that I can give you the contact number.
Mel - I think LR and them are joining us for the 94.7 route ride this Sunday, wanna come ?
Yes I will be interrested, also looking for someone to ride with on Sat. Most people drop me though.<br />Who will be riding on Sunday?<br />my email : [email protected]

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