I have been seeing that sunglasses that are yellowish in color. A colleague who has one said that it is night glasses (as opposed to sunglasses). Is there anyone here who can confirm that? One popular politician here who was governor of a province in the Ilocos region always have those yellow eyeglasses. So I guess there's a purpose for that and not for aesthetics only.
I wonder now what General Douglas MacArthur used for sunglasses. He must have visited Luzon thousands of times and I suppose the sunshine is very bright there. I seem to remember the photos of him from the 1930s and 40s show him with dark sunglasses. In any case, I am not sure why someone would use yellow tinted glasses. I will try to learn.

Cycling sunglasses must be comfortable while having a snug field and won't fall off easily. I've gone through a number of sunglasses over the years and it's really a matter of trying them out at the store before purchasing. I always shake my head a little when I first put on a pair of sunglasses to see that they don't come off easily. Once I'm assured they fit snugly, it's a guaranteed purchase on my part. I also don't stick to any particular brand, as all manufacturers change their designs on a regular basis.
I'm not even gonna lie, I got a pair from walmart that had the band that you can wear around your neck, and those things are more reliable than any pair of Oakleys I have ever had.
Aliexpress is the place to go for cycling glasses, high-quality replica sunglasses had for less than $10. Even if you lose or break them, it's no big deal since they're not the real deal.
Definitely, sometimes when I go biking in the morning the Sun is looking at me for my entire session, so I make sure to always keep a pair on my bike just in-case!
No special recommendations for sunglasses, just go to the nearby shop where they sell them and buy ones that have a high protect from the sun.

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