Super Size Me



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> > How many people eat there more than once a day? (BTW, I suspect his girlfriend was disgusted
> > with him before all this)
> Very few, but that doesn't really matter. Once a day is pretty bad.
> The goal of the docu-editorial was to make a point about the fast food industry. And that is that
> the increasing (and believe it, it increasing) reliance of Americans on fast food as a major
> portion of their diet is unhealthy, and just exactly how unhealthy it is.
> As pointed out above, you can get a pretty healthy meal there, but few people do.
> Was the test outside the norm? Sure. Does that invalidate what he says? No.

No, but other things about this do invalidate what he says. This is not "a point about the fast food
industry". This is a statement about McDonalds. He titled it "supersize me". He only at at
Mcdonalds. A statement about the fast food inustry would include other major chains.

I'm told it makes reference to the Jared Subway diet. That's unfair, plain and simple. The "vast
vast vast majority" of people who eat at subway are not ordering what Jared ate on the Subway diet,
either. A much more targeted statement about the fast food industry would've been to do a "Fast Food
Diet" where you go to different chains and "always order the same thing as the guy in front of you."
Something like that.

Instead, this is an (unfair) attack on a specific corporation. As a third party you call it an
attack on "the fast food industry", and that's a myopic vantage point. If McDonald's stock drops one
point because of this, that's just unfair.

And no I don't work for even eat at mcdonalds or any other food services corp.


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>Was the test outside the norm? Sure. Does that invalidate what he says? No.

Well, strictly speaking, yes, it does. As a scientific experiment, at least. "I ate at McDonald's 3X
a day and chose what I clearly knew was unhealthy and got sick" is interesting as perfomance art but
is not a controlled test or unbiased study of fast-food marketplace. It's a lot more *fun* (to
observe) than an investigative report, but it validates nothing except that to stuff your face with
high-fat, high-calorie food isn't good for you. The same thing Health Professionals and
Nutritionists have been telling everyone for years.