How do you guys (and girlz) feel if we start a SUPERCYCLING thread to discuss the contents of the bi-weekly show on SA TV ?

We could refrain from talking about the SC Message Board since we don't want them thinking we're competing or comparing this forum to theirs. :-X

(VO2, or anyone else with admin rights, please omit this message if you think this is a crappy idea).
Good idea methinks, BM. It will make for some interesting debate.
The SC show on TV and these forums all have one thing in common: we love our sport and we love promoting it, all over the world.
Before I start off about SC, the cycling show, I must point out that my intention is NOT to criticise but to highlight where good or bad has been brought about by the show.
  • On Tuesday, 23 April it was great to have Robbie Hunter in the studio and to hear his views on the Spring Classics
  • A negative point : I feel it's rather discrediting to place a rider higher than his actual finishing position - to place RH in 12th in the PR when he actually finished 40th (which is such a big achievement nevertheless), sort of says "we decided to place you 12th because it sounded better than 40th which you actually finished".
  • Phil Ligget's comments on the show were great. Pity we won't be able to see live coverage of the Giro d'Italia in SA, or any of the WC events he delivered commentary on
Never watched it, thus my only complaint is the time its on, I keep forgeting to set the VCR to record it.