Supernatural-A Good Addition to Your Collection

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    I watched the pilot for Supernatural DVD and was really surprised how good it was. I had not seen many TV shows that are really scary, but this has me a bit 'for the light. Actually, How I Met Your Mother DVD recommended that someone (like me) is a big fan of horror movies, and they loved it. Family firm is hunting the Lost DVD. It all started when a woman consumed in the fire of his bedroom ceiling, the man goes in search of power that killed him. When their two children grow up and take them all together. But the youngest child goes to college, when his father and brother are out there saving the world one person at a time. When her father disappears and his girlfriend's younger brother died in the same way their mother, two brothers join forces to find out what it is, according to their families. Sons of Anarchy DVD is great, the next episodes are fine. But after a few episodes it is a little repetitive and old. I'm sure this is not what happens to everyone, but I'm on the show and have intention of seeing the next season. Nevertheless, Bones DVD is a good addition to your collection - especially if you like shows like The X-Files. Both shows have scripts great and good production values.