SuperTour 2003 - An August Bike Tour in Quebec

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  1. Jeff Orum

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    SuperTour is a non-commercial (run by volunteers) cycling tour that I have been doing almost every
    year for the last 20 years. For 2003 the trip will be held in the province of Quebec, Canada.

    It is a 14 day tour, covering about 1000 miles (daily mileage ranges from 50 to 90 with an average
    of 70) and will be held from Aug. 2 through Aug. 14.

    Cost is $800 which includes nightly accommodations at motels/hotels or university dormitories, a
    vehicle to carry your luggage (thus you can ride with only a day pack), standard overnight train
    service on Le Chaleur, light breakfast, and drinks and snacks at the end of each day. Other meals
    are at your own expense, as is transportation to and from Montreal.

    The trip will start in Montreal, spend 3 days heading to Quebec, and then catch the Le Chaleur train
    to Grande-Riviere on the Gaspe peninsula. From there we will head back to Montreal along the St.
    Lawrence river.

    For more details, a flyer on the trip is at

Thread Status:
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