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    Thai Cashew Chicken , "Gai Pad Med Mamuang Himaphan"

    There is a little confusion in the name of the dish: mamuang is mango,
    but in the full formal Thai language mamuang himaphan is a cashew nut;
    the logic is as follows: himaphan refers to the Brahministic equivalent
    of the Garden of Eden, and the bean in which the cashew nut grows is
    similar to a small mango, hence the cashew is the "mango of paradise".
    However this leads to one of those delightful double recipes, which is
    a sort of culinary pun, which the Thais seem to be particularly fond
    of. To add an element of piquancy to the dish you can include a small
    amount of shredded mango--it is however quite optional if you prefer to
    leave it out. The sauce includes honey as a sweetener, again the
    connotation is of the land of the dawn paradise--but if you prefer you
    can use sugar (preferably palm sugar), though the sauce won't have
    quite the same flavor.


    1 pound chicken, cut into thin slices, and into bite sized pieces.
    1 tablespoon garlic, thinly sliced
    1 tablespoon Thai chile peppers, thinly sliced
    1 tablespoon fish sauce
    1 tablespoon Maggi's Seasoning Sauce
    2 tablespoons oyster sauce
    1 tablespoon honey
    1 tablespoon chili paste
    1 teaspoon Thai pepper powder
    3 tablespoons soup stock
    2 tablespoons rice wine
    1/2 cup cashew nuts


    2 tablespoons mango, shredded (optional)
    3 tablespoons spring onions/green onions
    3 tablespoons green bell pepper, julienned


    Add the chicken and all the ingredients except the cashews, stock and
    wine to the pan and stir fry until the chicken just begins to cook. Add
    the stock and continue over low heat until the chicken is cooked, then
    using a slotted spoon remove the chicken from the sauce and set aside.

    Add the rice wine, and reduce the sauce until a slight glaze appears
    (if necessary add 1 teaspoon of arrowroot powder, dissolved in a little
    tepid water). Return the chicken, chilies and garlic to the sauce, and
    add the cashews. Make sure they are heated through.

    Serve with Thai jasmine rice. Tease 2 tablespoons of mango into shreds
    with the tines of a fork (or julienne finely), cut the whites from 4/5
    spring onions, and thinly slice about 3 tablespoons of the green tops.
    Julienne the bell peppers, and garnish the dish with the mango, onions
    bulbs and sliced tops.

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    OOOPs...I was looking for a webpage that explained Maggi's Seasoning
    Sauce. And ran across the recipe. Looks like a keeper.