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  1. There's a new breed of hypnosis recordings - SUPRALIMINALS -
    once known as "silent subliminals". The difference between
    these recordings and subliminals is that that suggestions
    are recorded at high frequency of
    15.5 kHz - inaudible to conscious awareness, but audible to
    the subconscious minds even of deaf people. The
    suggestions are also placed at 120 - 160 dB level and
    even though you can't consciously hear them, you can FEEL
    them in your body. The initial feeling is somewhat
    similar to lifting up in an airplane.

    At the beginning of each recording, the suggestions are
    placed once at an audible level - then they are gradually
    masked by music, before becoming totally supraliminal.

    If you have an MP3 player, you can download one FREE (more
    will be added later on) supraliminal recording - "Breaking
    Free From Limitations" and find out how effective they are.
    To access it, you'll need to subscribe to Deep Trance Now
    newsletter (which is also FREE) here:

    To preserve the space, the sample recording does not contain
    audible suggestions at the beginning - however on the
    download page you can read the transcript of all suggestions
    placed on that recording.

    Most people who have listened intensively (several times a
    day for few days) to this recording so far have reported
    some dramatic improvements in their lives. If you do work
    with it - let me know about your experiences.

    While you can listen to these recordings throughout the
    night (and some people do that, including myself) - the
    recordings will initially affect your sleep pattern - you
    may find yourself needing only half the sleep you normally
    do, or you may find yourself temporarily needing more sleep
    - in which case it's best if you listen to them only
    throughout the day.

    You'll find greater selection of supraliminal recordings

    Best wishes,