Surly Fixxer for Tri-Spoke question

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Can the Surly Fixxer fixed gear conversion kit be used on a
8/9 speed cassette Specialized Tri-Spoke?

In a message from Surly they state...

"...the fixxer works with shimano internal freehub splines. if your specialized uses this
spline (freehub), there is a chance it will work. we haven't tried it so we can't guarantee a
class A fit..."

Does anybody know if the 8/9 cassette Tri-Spoke uses the Shimano "spline (freehub)"? I do not have
the wheel at the moment to check myself and was wondering if anybody has done this cassette to fixed
gear conversion with any luck.

Thanks in advance.

Did you ever get an answer for this or did you try it anyways? I'm contemplating trying the same thing.

Thanks in advance.
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