Surly Long Haul Trucker and Jamis Coda


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Mar 12, 2011
To anyone who owns the Surly LHT: >Since it has bar end shifters, is most of the riding on the lower drop bars? If so, does this get to be tiring/uncomfortable? >The tires are pretty thick giving it the advantage of comfort, but disadvantage of speed. Is the speed difference noticable? If it is, would you suggest a buyer takes it into consideration? >The shifter cables are pretty exposed, have you ever had them snag and tear? To anyone who owns the Jamis Coda: >What are the pros and cons of the flat handle bars? How far do you have to ride before you wish you had more hand positions? >How nicely does it handle bumps and cracks? >The frame and components are basically the same as a road bike, the only difference is the flat bar. The flat bar makes it _significantly_ less expensive, but the obvious disdavantage is less hand positions. Would you say this is a significant trade off?


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Sep 7, 2010
I recommend that you get a bike with drop bars, if you are at all comfortable on them now. To answer one of your questions, it won't take long for you to wish that you had more hand positions. If you are not comfortable with the thought of bar-end shifters, look for a bike with road brake/shift levers, as Shimano STI. These have come down in price and even the cheaper ones work quite well. I also want to say go with the wider tires for general riding, but my first-hand experience with those is limited, since I'm building up my new bike with wider tires now. Most of my riding in the past was done on 23s. If you get a standard road frame, you're probably limited to 28mm width at the most. At least with the LHT and other bikes, you have a choice.


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Jul 23, 2005
FWIW. In the past I have suggested the base model JAMIS CODA ([COLOR= #808080]I'm partial to steel frames[/COLOR]) ...

And then, replacing the Flat Bar & stock shifters with a DROP handlebar + a pair of 10-speed (non-QS) Campagnolo shifters (which can be readily mated to a Shimano drivetrain) ... 11-speed Campagnolo shifters will work, too.

You will need to replace the V-brakes (at least, in the front) with either mini-V-brakes OR cantilever brakes + brake cable hangers.

Change the crankset if-or-when it seems necessary (which may be never).

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