Survey Request - CELLO Bicycle Case System for B.O.B. Trailers

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  1. Josh Lipton

    Josh Lipton Guest

    Dear Fellow Cyclists:

    I am finishing up the development of a new product that works with
    B.O.B. trailers - The CELLO Bicycle Case System.

    This exciting new product makes traveling and shipping your bicycle and B.O.B. trailer a breeze.

    I should have the CELLO ready for sale sometime in the spring of 2004. I am interested in feedback
    from bicycle traveling enthusiasts to help with my marketing launch. If you are interested in
    helping out and filling out a survey please send an email to [email protected] and put "survey
    request" in the title line. I will send you a survey along with some new photos of the CELLO (photos
    on my website are of older prototypes).


    Josh Lipton