Sus prices from bike shop in Fitzroy


John L

Rang a very well known bike shop in Fitzroy chasing prices for a
folding bike. I was quoted the same price, $2,099 twice on a special

I wanted a particular frame colour with a better groupset. When I
enquired on a more serious level today, suddenly the story changed &
the price went up $300. & I could no longer get a different coloured
frame.. Maybe a mere coincidence that all the dealers attended a
distributor conference in Sydney on Thursday.

I was told by two dealers the distributoer didn't like the frame
colours being equipped with different equipment to their advertisedr
range, as it "confused the market" This is particularly strange as the
bike is supplied in different equipment levels & colours all round the
world.. It also appeared that pressure had been applied by the
distributor to stop discounts being offered.

I could be wrong, but I think the ACCC would take a dim view on the
actions of the distributor. I rang several outlets & was quoted the
RRP for all models on every occasion, even when pressed strongly for a
discount.. Fairly strange in a market where discounts are usually
offered without asking.

My LBS will do the deal but wants to charge me an extra $200 on top of
the $2,399 for the top of the range model, because he would have to
buy two bikes from the distributor & change the parts over, leaving
him with a another bike he may not readily be able to sell.

Suddenly the Birdy with the green frame doesn't look that attractive.

John L.
The dealer sets a RRP that ensures the LBS makes a margin that affords him a
I have never been guilty of putting any LBS out of business, My
family, friends & myself have bought over 40 bikes from my LBS
"Strathpine Bicycle Centre"over a period of 15 years.

What I object to is the sudden price change after a dealer

I would have preferred to buy the bike from my LBS, but they are not
included in the Birdy dealer network.

I have decided to go with the Brdy Silver from a new local dealer Epic
Cycles, who have also loooked after me very well.

Old story, if someone treats you well you tell your friends, if you
get a bum deal, you warn your friends.

John L.

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>The dealer sets a RRP that ensures the LBS makes a margin that affords him a