suspension travel and the confidence it inspires


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Oct 11, 2003
Follow-up for anyone who may care...

Converting to the Marzocci shock has CHANGED MY LIFE as a mountain biker! I ride almost every day in very rocky, hilly terrain. Most of my friends have at least $3k f/s bikes for this terrain, but I can't afford much at this point in time.

My C'dale F700 has served it's purpose as it got me back out to and has kept me on the trails for a few years.
But in riding with others who sailed over trails that I struggled on every day, my cycling self-image sank and confidence floundered.

I spent $80 on the Cane Creek DoubleXC headset and installed the Marzocci MX Pro shock on my bike..

On my first ride I smiled greatly as I cleared a rocky, cliffy wash that that I'd never made it across before (3 - 4 tries per month for a year.) I REALLY got excited when I made it through the next gully - which is much harder than the first. After cleaning the third previously impassable obstacle my confidence was so high that I decided that this was the day to try all the hard stuff :D ...

I didn't clear "everything" that day ---- but within the next few weeks I did!

Very cool.

Never underestimate the value of suspension travel..... and the confidence
it inspires

Wow! :rolleyes


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May 26, 2004
better riders ride hardtails because on a hardtail you need to choose your line carefullyand have better technique whereas on a full sus rig you can just go over everythin which is boring

gd for u mate!