Sustainable Transport: The Missing Link. European style urban bicycles

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    Alan Preston here in Christchurch, New Zealand.
    I'm carrying out a nationwide campaign to introduce New Zealanders to the specifically urban-appropriate utility-style bicycles and associated technologies such as those that are prevalent in the European 'cycletopias' ( Copenhagen, Amsterdam et al ) to help make cycling practicable, practical and preferable to a much broader demographic than that to which it is currently limited.

    The main focus of my campaign is to convince Local and Regional Councils ( and other organisations ) to consider acquiring these styles of bicycles ( as opposed to the usual mountain /road racing bikes) for use by their staff so as to provide working models of these technologies thereby to promote cycling as a viable form of transport to sections of society who are presently poorly represented among 'cyclists'. i.e. middle aged women and elderly people.

    I'm looking for examples of Councils, Businesses or Community Organizations who are running fleets of bicycles for use around town by their staff and visitors.

    I've created a web-page to list such projects so that those who may be inspired to do the same can learn from each other's experiences:

    If you know of any 'utility' cycling related initiatives happening that are not listed on the above page, please let me know at this e-mail address.( [email protected] )


    An online resource for utility cycling in New Zealand:

    This web-site provides links (which I will continue to add)to where utility-style bicycles and associated technologies can be obtained in New Zealand (and overseas) ,to resources, discussion on cycling issues and to initiatives by Local Governments, organisations, companies or individuals that are setting precedents which others can follow.

    Familiarising New Zealanders with utility-style bicycles and their associated technologies and the practices and policies that have enabled the uptake of utility cycling in European Cycletopias is a first step in enabling us to make the change away from our dependence on cars.
    Making utility cycling practical, practicable and preferable to the broadest possible demographic range will help to build the numbers needed to ensure real political support for the establishment of a cycling-friendly environment.

    Thanks and feel free to contact me.
    Ka kite ano.
    Alan Preston in Christchurch.
    (P.S. I have no involvement in any commercial enterprises)
    [email protected]