Swagman - bad experience

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Here is the text of some email I sent to etrailer.com (where I bought the bike-rack) and to Swagman
(distributor/mfg of the rack). The first paragraph was added for the copy to Swagman.net.

One might say I should have bought it from a local retail outlet and it would have been
pre-assembled. There were no local retail outlets that carried it and I imagine they might have just
forced it together a bit crooked. Who knows, maybe this is why they don't carry it.

This only to Swagman.net: Here is the text of a email I sent to etrailer.com, where I purchased a
Swagman bike carrier. I believe it is your item 64650 - 64650 Folddown Rail Rac. The rack appears to
be sturdy, but the quality control sucks. I recently purchased a Bike Carrier, item #51956; invoice
#170194; order#39291.

This to both Swagman and etrailer.com: I am dissatisfied with this carrier. I am also contacting
Swagman, but doubt if they will respond. I will also be placing a item on newsgroup

The carrier has the following problems:
1. 2 extra washers, 1 missing nut.
2. The support girders do not line up correctly and makes it impossible to attach the rail sections
and get them lined up properly.
3. I had no idea that assembly was required. It does not say that on your web-site where I ordered
it from. Perhaps if they had assembled it, they would have seen the horrible quality control.

What I now must do:
4. make a trip to hardware store to find a matching nut.
5. Drill the support girder supports to make the holes bigger.
6. I would return the carrier except I don't want to pay the UPS fees.

Thank you.

PS. Never again from etrailer.com and never again from Swagman.
Not open for further replies.