Swanson seat on Bacchettas

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Ben Fox, Feb 20, 2004.

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    Don't know if there are very many of us who have swapped the Bacchetta seats for the Swanson carbon
    fiber seat ;but I noticed some flex of the rear seat struts with the swanson that wasn't there with
    the fiberglass M-5 seat. I figured it was because the Swanson seat is wider across the back and the
    seat back tends to move more if I twist in the seat . I noticed this mainly when I started from a
    stop. If I grab the seat mid way down and twist I see the struts shift side to side.

    The Corsa lower seat struts are mounted on the inside of the rear chain stays which makes the base
    of the triangle [shape of the sturts top to bottom],narrow. I moved them to the outside of the rear
    chain stays,that helped some. I then used a piece of 1/2" od aluminum tubing and notched the ends to
    fit the contour of the seat struts and sized it to fit between the upper struts about halfway down.
    I then used a front wheel skewer and ran it through the adjustment holes on one strut ,through the
    tubing I added and then through the adj holes on the other strut. I then locked down the Q.R. on the
    skewer and viola, my flexing problem is gone. There is also an added benifit of the cross piece in
    that it can be used as a handle to lift the rear of the bike . I used an aluminum skewer so the
    weight is minimal. Ben Fox