swb homebuild questions


Gary Teale


I am building an hss1 bent and have a couple of questions:

What effect does altering the angle of the head tube have on the handling of
the bike, is there an optimum angle?

Is it possible to remove one of the bearing cups from the head tube, i need
to cut a hole in the main tube and slot the head tube in for welding?



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Bill Patterson

Tom Blum wrote:
> Mark Stonich put up this page a while back on how to design a good handling
> recumbent.
> http://bikesmithdesign.com/Design/12Steps.html
> It answers most of your questions.
> You can use almost any headtube angle by adjusting the fork rake to get 1/2
> inch of trail.
> tom

There are several ways of doing it. If you don't want a lot of tiller,
you can go to 2.5 inches of trail. My suggestion for most people is to
build a 'boiler plate" fork with a backward slot. You can then move the
front wheel aft to add trail and decide for yourself.

A half inch of trail won't give enough fork flop to make balance
automatic for you.


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