SWB steer geometry

Half-inch trail at 60 degrees with a large tire leaves zero self-straightening ability, but works ok because of the tiller effect. And eliminates the tendency of the wheel to pull into the turn (wheel flop) more prevalent at laid-back angles.

A short wheelbase at 70 degrees shouldn’t have less than 1-inch trail because of the front could fold tighter into the turn with out tiller effect.

With out tiller effect obstructions can affect the steering stability, so the trail should be longer (1.5” to 2”) on SWB.
.5” trail works with out handle bar tiller because the weight of your arms provide most of the self centering effect, and because it’s very difficult to turn more than 30 degrees any how.

I think it would be pointless to extend the trail beyond the front end of the contact patch because it would just make too much wheel flop.