Sweat Band/ Head Band

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May 25, 2010
I usually use a bandana to stop sweat from running in my face but its causing me neck problems.

How do others handle this?

Products, techniques?

The Halo band works well for me and keeps my eyes from burning out. Unfortunately in this heat nothing keeps me from passing out.
My cycling cap works for the most part. A hanky is sufficient to wipe my eyes from time to time.
I need something as well. I constantly have sweat dripping down onto my glasses and into my eyes.
The top of my head lets out MASSive amounts of heat.
The last thing I need in the summer heat is a layer of hat up there to hold it in.

I am ordering three of the HALO (non-tieing) bands.

I think it's funny, they say 3" is "extra wide"!

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I've been using the Headsweats Coolmax caps under my helmet for several years now and I just love them.

The image in the link shows the three "tails" of the cap tied together, which is fine if you're wearing it around before or after a ride without your helmet.

But, they work better under your helmet ( or a straw hat if you wear them when you mow the yard in hot weather like I do ) when you're riding if you don't tie them together. They'll flap along in the wind behind you and wick the sweat away better.

Yeah, gotta notarize the recommendation of Headsweats. Got a couple myself. Rarely leave home without 'em - for keeping the sweat out of the eyes and the bugs/bees off my head...
Headsweats Coolmax Skullcap (without the tails) for me. Also helps protect my head from a sunburn.
Yes... agreed! Headsweats all the way. Been so impressed with my head band.

They sell in a few shops in the UK i think. More likely if you are in London??